Saturday, October 18, 2014

Obama Majors on the Minors, America is Worse Off Because of It

Rush Limbaugh this week on his radio made this insightful comment, which I heard this weekend on Rush Week in Review:
You ever notice, by the way, that Obama has a lot of solutions for problems we don't have.  War on Women, women for equal pay, not really a problem anymore.  It's been dealt with.  Global warming.  But the point is that he has no solutions for the problems we do have.  It's stunning to me.  He's got all these grand plans, grandiose strategies for problems we don't have.  And problems staring us in the face, he's got zip, zero, nada.  
You can read Rush's entire transcript from which I took the above quote by clicking on  As America Faces Ebola, ISIS and Russia, Obama Prepares to Fight Problems We Don't Have, Like Global Warming. Obama focuses on the short-term and majors on the minors, while America's challenges for big picture, long-term important matters.
Obama, his Administration, and the Democrat Party and many Republicans for that matter focus on keeping the status quo. They talk about amnesty instead of acting to secure our borders. Instead of enforcing existing laws, the current regime and the majority of Congress ignores them and demands comprehensive immigration reform. They make ripping healthcare decision-making from the physician and the individual to a government appointed panel of 'experts.' who will decide who lives and who dies!
Meanwhile ISIS, al Qaeda, and the Muslim Brotherhood infiltrate into the country and even into the government offices waiting for the right time to strike and to inflict serious real damage on this nation and its citizens. Instead of acting to control future damage by the twin viruses of Ebola and Islamic terrorism, domestic and foreign, our government frets about the damage that non-existent man-caused climate change will do, and unwisely divert needed funds to this superfluous enterprise.
Ronald Reagan was so right on the money when he said:

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