Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Blithering, Dithering President

Hickory, dickory darn it, the President ran up the deficit . . .

Blithering – In the United Kingdom the word is used to express annoyance with and contempt for somebody or something. By his irresponsible and morally deficient and fiscally unsound policies and actions these past 9 months the President clearly demonstrates his hatred for America and all the values and virtues for which it stands. He trots around the global bad-mouthing the U.S. and its ideals despite all the good she has done on behalf of the oppressed and poor around the world.

He is bought by and paid for and thereby obligated to special interests including the likes of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, ACORN, and the ‘premier’ homosexual advocacy group, the Human Rights Campaign. He espouses their vile agendas at the cost of morality, family values and the sanctity of human life.

Obama can’t make up his mind


Dithering – is the word that Vice President Dick Cheney used to describe President Barry Soetoro alias Barack Obama’s hesitation to make the tough decision regarding sending additional troops to fight the war on terror in Afghanistan. It is a word that means nervously confused indecisiveness in the face of alternative possible actions. The President cannot make up his mind as to what to do in Afghanistan. Dose he listen to his generals? Or does listen to hapless Joe Biden and the leftist in his cabinet and entourage? He is indecisive. He is inexperienced. He is ineffective. America suffers as a result.


Not only is this President inexperienced. He is inept. America is slowly being strangled by its blithering, dithering President. The President may even be a man who is not a natural born American. He is hiding something. He has spent a million dollars in attorny fees to protect his past from public exposure. What is he hiding? The media is complicit and unwilling to shine the light of inquiry on his credentials, which they did not hesitate to do with the GOP candidates for President or Vice President in the 2008 election.

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