Monday, October 26, 2009

Why Newt Supports RINO Dede Scozzafava

Tea Party Patriot Lisa Miller went to a recent Newt Gingrich book signing to ask him why he supported non-conservative GOP candidate Dede Scozzafava over conservative Doug Hoffman at in light of his affection for the patriotism, courage, persistency and faith that accomplished our freedom and the Founding of our great Nation.


Why would Newt Gingerich and other key Republicans support a RINO Republican in lieu of a real conservative candidate? Is the GOP more pragmatic than principled? Is the GOP more political than patriotic?

Here is a picture of Dede Scozzafava painted by Tea Party Patriot and protestor Lisa Miller in her YouTube video embedded below:

+ She supports the Stimulus package
+ She Supports same-sex marriage
+ She is Pro-Death (“Choice”)
+ She supports Federal Card Check Registration
+ She is a Margaret Sanger (eugenicist and founder of Pro-Death Planned Parenthood) Award winner
+ She is endorsed by Working Families Party (an ally of ACORN)
+ She is endorsed by liberal NY State United Teachers Union
+ Endorsed by the baby-killing machine, Planned Parenthood
+ Endorsed by the leftist blog, Daily Kos

On the other hand, and in stark contrast, Lisa Miller points out what one of her opponents, Doug Hoffman, the Conservative Party candidate stands for:

+ He signed the No Pork Pledge
+ He’s Pro-Life
+ He is endorsed by Family Research Council
+ He signed the Anti-Tax Pledge
+ He calls for the defunding of ACORN
+ He signed the 912 Candidates Pledge
+ He is endorsed by Governor Sarah Palin


Newt Gingerich gave a answer to Lisa Miller’s question.

Here's the transcript which was provided by the HotAirPundit blog:

Gingrich: "Lets just start with, she is the nominee of the local party, my bias is to be for the nominee of the local party, and I don't second guess the local party, she has signed a no tax increase pledge, she is endorsed by the National Rifle Association, she has come out against Cap and Trade, [crosstalk] she is opposed to the Obama Health Care plan, she will vote for John Boehner instead of Nancy Pelosi.

All of those things together make her it seems to me, a legitimate, authentic, Republican nominee. In addition, the last poll that came out yesterday, she is well ahead of, and she is much more likely to beat the Democrat than Hoffman because Hoffman doesn't live in the district, he's never won an election in the district, she represents the biggest county in the district, she actually knows the local issues, and Hoffman has says publicly he doesn't know the local issues..

So I just think it is a mistake for the Conservative movement, to think splitting in the special elections is a smart idea, if we give that seat to the Democrats, shame on us...

The evidence is there. Principle takes second place to getting elected. Just like the endorsement of Rick Santorum and President George W. Bush for the liberal RINO, now Democrat Arlen Specter over conservative Pat Toomey in the 2004 GOP Senate race in Pennsylvania. Furthermore, Newt’s endorsement of Scozzafava this flies in the face of the Tea Party Protests and Townhall uprisings of this past summer.


  1. My comment to Newt re: I don't second guess the local party's choice..I can't believe a man with such intellect would say that! Let's loose the spin words "second guess", what he admits to is he did not "scrutinize" Scozzafava's voting record. Her record is admirable if your a liberal DEMOCRAT. What Newt did by this horrible endorsement, is further weaken the Rebublican Party, by providing Dems with a weeks worth of fodder in their attempt to blow up the GOP.For this Newt will be the liberal media's poster boy Republican for the near future, some American Solution.

  2. bullitt -

    Excellent comment. Newt may be smart, but not perfect in judgment.