Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Hope & Change President, He, Himself, Needs to Change!

A friend at work gave me a copy of the following Letter to the Editor, which appeared in the Mansfield (Ohio) News-Journal on Sunday, October 11, 2009. It expresses my sentiments and the feelings and beliefs of the majority of Americans post 9 months of President Barry Soetoro a/k/a Barack Hussein Obama’s “leadership.”

Barack Obama must change his attitude

Thank you, all you Obama supporters. You have elected a Socialist, Marxist to the highest position in our country. First African American president? Race has nothing to do with it. He's half white. And there is still no solid proof of where he was born. His own grandmother says it was Kenya.

Thank you, [Congressman] Joe Wilson, for speaking the truth. I respect the position of president, not necessarily the one holding it.

Skin color is immaterial. But not to Obama. He is the racist here. He dislikes whites and Christians, to name just a few.
The liberals need to stop playing the "race card."

Obama needs to get back to the Constitution and put this country ahead of color. We need a president, not a movie star. It's not all about him.

Donna B.
Mansfield, Ohio

I underlined some of the key points of Ms. B.’s letter for emphasis. She raised many issues in her brief letter: his core political philosophy, his possible lack of qualification for the position of POTUS, his apparent racial animosity, and his failure to adhere to and even contempt for the U.S. Constitution.
In other words, Soetoro alias Obama, himself needs to change:
From espousing Marxism & socialism to supporting Capitalism & free enterprise
From being anti-Christian to having a tolerance of Christianity
From playing the race card to becoming a unifier
From being adverse to the Constitution to adhering to the Constitution
Now that would be real change.

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