Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ohio Voters: Vote No on 2009 Issues 1, 2, and 3

I concur with fellow blogger Matt's recent post of the Ohio Freedom Alliance's informative recommendations concerning the statewide ballot issues 1, 2 and 3.

Enough of increasing deficit spending (Issue #1), expanding big-government bureaucracy (Issue#2), and encouraging incorrigible immoral behavior and get-rich-schemes (Issue #3).


Although I would love to see the military veterans of the Middle East Conflict ear receive honor and benefits, it should not be with funds that we do not have. Ohio is currently struggling to balance its bloated budget. Why in the world would we add to our financial woes?

We have already incurred far too much debt on all levels of government: federal, state and local. Why should the Ohio state government be excused from creating and living within a budget, like many other citizens must?
Voting a regrettable NO on Issue One.

It is to the farmer's advantage to treat their animals well. After all, they are an investment. Just as some people treat their property well, and others neglect it, animals are considered to be property. I cannot get excited about the alleged maltreatment or less than optimal treatment of animals, when thousands upon thousands of Ohio babies are being painfully and ingloriously exterminated regularly. Even the United Methodist minister turned Governor advocates this American atrocity, this Holocaust.

If Ohio Gov. Strychnine addresses the willful slaughter of innocent human beings at the hands of the heinous abortionists, maybe then I would consider initiatives to improve the care of cows and chickens. We as a state and nation have our priorities screwed up.

Furthermore, why institutionalize such a relatively unimportant matter as the care of animals when we permit the wholesale annihilation of fellow human beings via abortion and even former Illinois State Senator Barry Soetoro a/k/a Barack Obama's strong support of infanticide?

The only thing that causes me to hesitate on this issue is the fact that animal rights organizations such as humane societies, environmental extremists and vegans all oppose this initiative.

This is a reserved NO vote. here

The most obvious - dah - negative vote of the three statewide issues is Issue Three - the expansion of gambling - permitting casinos in four major metropolitan markets. Through a constitutional initiative we are authorizing the institutionalization and the expansion of gambling in Ohio. Wasn't the Ohio Lottery supposed to save the schools? It hasn't, they have gotten worse and the funding need is still there. The voters in this state have repeatedly rejected the idea of casinos. However, the greed and guile of the gambling interests never give up. Dan Gilbert and the other gambling proponents care more about money than morality or what it does to their fellow man.

A resounding NO to issue three!

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