Sunday, October 11, 2009

Going Rogue, not wrong . . .

“Sarah Palin’s new book, Going Rogue, has not yet been released, but it is already number one in pre-sales on the Barnes & Noble’s website.

“Once again making Palin two things liberals hate, she’s successful and profitable.”

--- 10/9/09

Sarah Palin stands in mighty stark contrast to Barry Soetoro a/k/a Barack Hussein Obama (BS/BHO), who’s been both dissed and honored this past week by his fellow European socialists. His advocacy to get the 2016 Olympics for Chicago, probably at the bidding of Mayor and comrade Richard Daley, was the diss. The “honor” was being awarded the (what I refer to it as) the IgNobel Peace Prize by the hopeful and change agent liberals abroad who anticipate an era (more like a new series of errors) of the Soetoro/Obama administration in power in Washington. More an anti-Bush reaction than a pro-Soetoro/Obama move, however. The President and Bill Ayer's next book might aptly be called Gone Bad . . .

Sarah Palin, on the hand, embodies the true values of Americans – traditional principles and virtues that made America great in the first place. She embodies much of what is good in America. Primarily, she is the antithesis of Soetoro/Obama. Whereas almost everything the false messiah has touched or done since January has been wrong – moving America towards a soft tyranny and a big-government takeover of all aspects of American life - due to is anti-American, anti –Capitalism, and anti free-enterprise plans and programs. Sarah is mostly right in what she stands for – limited government, preserving the exclusive one-man and one women marriage relationship, and advocating life and not the extermination of human beings before they are born, to name a few. Furthermore, Palin is a patriot, while Soetoro/Obama is a socialist.

There is a contrast. Just as there is good in the world, there is also evil. Despite the liberal or secular humanist basic contention that man is good, the fact that man is not good. Terrorists exist and they understand nothing except power. Soetoro/Obama is an appeaser. Our enemies take this, as they did his predecessor and protégé Jimmy Carter, as magnified weakness.

No matter how much the President and his associates purport to love America their actions demonstrate that they care more about what the international community thinks than what their fellow Americans think or desire. His Apologizing for America canned speeches every time he ventures overseas is proof of his hatred for the America of the founders.

Soetoro/Obama is beholden to the wretched Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and their evil aims. He has promised that he will overturn DOMA and “Don’t ask, don’t tell” and thereby further emasculate, feminize and thereby weakening and destroying the military. National defense is the primary responsibility of the government along with securing our borders. It is not providing healthcare, owning and managing automobile companies or financial institution, interfering in the market economy, and acting as philanthropists doling out taxpayers’ money or indebting taxpayers and their posterity for decades to come. It seems the inexperienced Soetoro/Obama does not understand or refuses to acknowledge the basic role of the federal government.


I heard a wonderful and fitting analogy for how deserving former community organizer and President Barry Soetoro alias Barack Obama is of his Nobel Peace Prize. Here is something liberals everywhere can relate to. It is like awarding former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin a Pulitzer Prize for her new book coming out later this fall. That is so apropos, it is spot on. Hat tip to Greg in Texas, who was a caller on the American Family Radio show, Focal Point, which I heard this afternoon, he offered this extremely insightful observation and comparison.

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