Saturday, June 29, 2013

Forget About Amnesty Until We Secure the Dang Borders First!


The nasty Amnesty bill, S. 744,  is a major travesty. Its so-called border security provisions are a joke. The Democrats, Barack Obama, and his administration and even Congress has no will or intention of securing our borders. There are so many loopholes in this Amnesty bill that you can drive trainloads of illegal aliens and Islamic terrorists through it.

Our border continues to be porous since the last time we did amnesty in despite promises made and the laws enacted since 1986.

Any immigration reform should start with separate legislation dealing with the border. First secure the dang border. Then the government must demonstrate that it will enforce existing immigration law (which will be a mega challenge for the lawless Eric Holder and his injustice department) or Janet Napolitano's Homeland Security Department which is focused on American terrorist: Veterans and Tea Party Participants! Then and only then should there be any talk of any thing like amnesty for illegal alien criminals now residing in this country be discussed.

I didn't see anywhere in the leftist slanted/biased article which I read this afternoon on,
No Winners When It Comes to Border Security, The militarization of the border has become not simply a means to an end, but the end itself, about American citizens and border agents being murdered. Illegal alien deaths are the only deaths that concern the author. The winners when it comes to border security, are the illegal alien criminals and the political crony capitalists and other Obama friends, and community organizing groups who will administer this awful travesty... The losers, as usual, America, her taxpayers, American workers, and people wanting to come to America legally!

A secure border, unlike in many socialist or Marxist states, is intended to keep people out, not imprisoning their own populations. The major duty of the national government is national security, having unsecured borders shows government's failure in this most rudimentary responsibility ... How can you trust them with healthcare, economy, or anything else?

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