Sunday, June 23, 2013

How Much More Destructive Can the Progressives Be?

I came across an editorial written by Don Hazen on, my ‘favorite’ leftist website. His editorial was titled, “Fighting the 4 Plagues -- We Have To Do Things Differently, Clearly things must change and we're leading the fight, but we need your help to honethe right strategy.” It was basically a plea for money to support the work of this radically progressive website.
I made the following comment, which stirred some discussion:

The author states, “We need your support as we take a tough look at progressive politics in America and see how it could be more effective and successful.” How much more ‘successful’ could the left be? 
I think that America has had quite enough of all the Obama and Progressive ‘effectiveness’ and ‘successes’ that it can shoulder: ObamaCare, Amnesty for Illegal Aliens, Diversity, Political Correctness, Gun Control, Social Engineering in the Military, Appeasing of our Enemies, Welfare, Crony Capitalism (Government Motors, Solyndra), Dodd-Frank, Marxism everywhere and on and on! 

Not to mention the never-ending progressive Obama Administration scandals: Fast and Furious, IRS Gate, NSA Spying Gate, Benghazi Gate, and an ever-expanding Welfare State...

Personally, I'm fed up with the ‘successes’ of the fundamental transformation of America from freedom to tyranny. 

Put that in your collective progressive medicinal marijuana pipe, but please don't inhale...!
Michael Case replied,   “And now we see the reason why we are where we are. I will dispense with debating your points and your barbs because the effort would be wasted. I would merely ask if you had and helpful suggestions or would you rather I bring you some cheese to go with the whine.”

So I gave Michael "Helpful suggestions" seven off the top of my head:

*  Secure the borders and enforce current immigration law, take an incremental approach to the illegal alien immigration problem
*  Permit parents school vouchers to send to successful schools that teach, not failed schools that indoctrinate
*  End welfare payments to those who can work, reinstate work requirements for welfare benefits
*  Encourage domestic natural gas and oil production and reduce dependence on the enemies of America
*  Respect the right to life for all Americans born and unborn
*  Stop granting special privileges to persons who choose to live an alternate lifestyle
*  Stop wasteful government spending, spend only what revenue is received and start paying off the horrendous national debt, not increasing it continually...

Analyze That ...
Obviously, unsatisfied, Michael asked, “Do you have any suggestions that are reality based and not on a Fundamentalist Christian "Immigrants are bad, taxpayer funded religious schools are good and do not violate the 1st amendment, get rid of the moochers, the oil is never going to run out, homophobic, I really don't understand how the government debt really works" perspective?
I was more than glad to oblige:

Michael, my suggestions are reality-based, truth-based. You, as those on the Alternet Left try to marginalize, minimize, trivialize, and otherwise distort any opposing views and solutions.


No one said 'immigrants are bad.' I am all for LEGAL immigration. I am not for treating illegal aliens better than American citizens, which is what the Democrat-RINOs backed Amnesty Bill does by trying to shove it down the taxpayers throats, again, I am FOR an INCREMENTAL approach to immigration reform. How about securing our borders, building the fence we were promised in 2007? How about enforcing the CURRENT immigration laws, which Eric Holder and Barack Obama refuse to enforce?


Did I say anything about 'religious schools,' now did I? There are many alternative to the failed government schools besides 'religious schools.' Why would you deny parents getting the BEST education for their children? By the way, a part of the 1st Amendment includes government shall not prohibiting the free exercise of religion. The Left, the Obama  Administration, the ACLU and other leftist organizations do all they can to squelch the FREE EXERCISE of religion in the public square, schools and everywhere...


So putting conditions on welfare recipients is trying to 'get rid of the moochers'? What a warped view of giving a hand out instead of a hand up, that you have, my friend. It seems to me that Rush Limbaugh is pretty accurate when he calls out the biggest moocher of all, Moochelle Obama, for her extravagance and her 'let them eat cake' attitude...


Did I say 'the oil is never going to run out?' I said lets become less dependent on the communists (Venezuela) and the Islamists (Saudis) and develop, produce our own reserves. At the same time we can work on affordable alternative sources... It is foolishness to think wind and sun can take the the place of oil and gas right now. 

Demanding that Americans not only accept, but embrace the homosexual lifestyle contrary to biblical guidance and conscience is somehow 'homophobic'? Wow.

Debt is accumulated by spending more than tax collected. Red ink is red ink for the individual, the small business, a global conglomerate or any government, municipal, state or federal. So tell me where I wrong and tell me 'how government really works.' I know that our government is not working now. It is wasting money, it is building debt, nothing else...

Maybe I should have agreed to follow your initial advice, "I will dispense with debating your points and your barbs because the effort would be wasted." I hope that my expounding wasn't a complete waste of your and my time. We just live on opposite ends of the political spectrum don't we? Liberty versus tyranny...

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