Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Is America Inching Toward Becoming a Police State?

Mark Levin's substitute host on Levin's national talk show Monday night discussed the movement - under President Barack Obama, as revealed by so many of the recent scandals - of America becoming a police state. Brian Sussman starts off his recent article, "2033, The American Police State," which he mentioned Monday night, with these questions:

Is our country on the brink of becoming a full-blown police state?  Fast-forward two decades. What might life look like? Given we now know that—in the name of national security—our phone calls, social networking, credit card activity, and large financial transactions are all being monitored, what other forms of surveillance are ahead?

In response to what I heard on the radio show and what I read in Sussman's article I tweeted the following:

One of the few television shows that I watch is Person of Interest, which really depicts what apparently the rogue National Security Administration (NSA) is doing today, and up until recently under the proverbial radar. They have been and continue to spy on Americans. 

One of the basic premises of this TV show is that there is a super computer that watches everyone and can predict crimes and acts of terrorism in advance. The heroes of the show try to intercept the murders and thwart crimes before they actually occur. Now the show is not so far fetched as it was before the recent NSA revelations...

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