Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sign Petition to Stop Common Core

Common Core is just the latest intrusion of the Federal Government on issue that should be left up to the states.  Common Core has lots of mandates to increase brainwashing and the dumbing down of children in the public school curricula.  Don't waste your time contacting the U.S. Congress or the Prez.  They won't listen.  The petition at the link below will be sent to your state representatives, our last hope besides divine intervention.

Here is what I wrote for "why I oppose Obamacore (Common Core)" :

The federal government has no authority over the issue of education.  No such power is granted to it by the Constitution and the 10th Amendment forbids the United States from exercising powers not delegated to it in the Constitution.
As a state official, you have sworn an oath to uphold both the U.S. and the Ohio Constitutions.  If you acquiesce to this usurpation of power, you are violating your oath.  

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