Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hamas Has Created Its Own Iron Dome in Gaza

The savage Islamist terrorist group Hamas has its own version of the iron dome defense system in Gaza. It is the Palestinian people, they are Hamas' human shield. The more civilians killed the better, Hamas thinks it looks better for them in the eyes of the world. It's all Israel's fault, despite the fact that these barbaric Islamists initiated the fighting by launching rocket after rocket against Israel. Hamas wants no part of any peace process and it demonstrates such on a daily basis. It cares nothing about the Palestinian people despite their arguments to the contrary.

President Barack Obama's foolish and buffoonish Secretary of Statism John Kerry decries and bad mouths the true victim, Israel and seems to sympathize with the evil incarnate Hamas. I'm not sure which of Mr. Obama's policies are worse, his domestic policy such as encouraging the illegal alien invasion by means of an open border and lack of enforcement of current immigration laws, or his 'lead from behind' foreign policy of ignoring Russian aggression and the dyer threat posed by Islam and its various terrorist unsainted and unsavory disciples.

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