Saturday, July 26, 2014

Keep God and His People Behind the Stained Glass Walls?

Another controversial www.AlterNet article caught my eye tonight. A New Wave of Wacko Evangelicals Swept GOP Primaries—and Could Win Several Seats in Washington, Mega churches fuel a dangerous new wave of political activism,is the provocative title of the article that begs for a reasoned and rational response.

Basically the article contends that it is a bad thing that church leaders dare to get involved, with their archaic beliefs, in the political process. I guess to the leftists, like the article’s author, it is hurtful to buck the progressive transformational change that is polluting the culture in America.

Below is my response to the article and comments directed to me by another reader of the article.

·        My initial comment:  I'd rather be considered a 'wacko' than be wrong! What Mr. Hice believes is the truth:
-> Homosexual/lesbian behavior is essentially corrupting and seducing America’s sons and daughters through an indoctrinating curriculum and poisonous Hollywood 'entertainment' medium...
-> Same-sex marriage is akin to bestiality and incest; it involves just another form of sexual deviancy.
-> Abortion is very comparable to the genocide waged by Hitler, only this American Holocaust involves many more millions of lives. Planned Parenthood's founder was a believer in eugenics, which targets minorities. Many of Planned Parenthood's abortion chambers today are indeed located and prosper in minority neighborhoods!
§ Mr. Reg comments:  “It sounds like you're quite the expert that agrees with someone like Hitler or Mr. Hice. And yes you sound like a wacko.”

§  My reply to MrReg:  "And yes you sound like a wacko." Guilty as charged! But I have the truth on my side Reg...

Sorry, but I neither believe in what Hitler did then, nor in what Planned Parenthood is doing now... Both are equally immoral, inhuman, and barbaric.

§  MrReg says:  I would prefer to be sane, have those in office with a brain and leave Religion in the Church where it belongs. Providing birth control is not immoral.

§ I Replied: Reg, killing babies is murder, it is not 'birth control.'

Abortion does not end a pregnancy.
Birth ends a pregnancy.
Abortion ends the baby’s life during pregnancy.

Furthermore, abortion is not healthcare.


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