Tuesday, July 15, 2014

NPR Pedals Perversion

Buried in a story about Derek Jeter’s last all-star appearance in his last professional baseball season (A New Act In Jeter's Last Season, Before Dwindling All-Star Audience), is some intriguing insight into the mind of National Public Radio. 14 time all-star Derek Jeter played 20 years and is a sure future hall of famer.  Well, the All Things Considered Radio Show host and perversion propagandist Bob Siegel just had to bring up the name of Glenn Burke, who apparently was the first admitted sodomite to play the game of baseball. Mr. Burke will apparently be ‘honored’ tonight for his open homosexuality. What a revelation. What an admission! 

A WikiPedia article reveals something that NPR’s Mr. Siegel does not, “Burke was the first and only MLB player to come out as a homosexual to teammates and team owners during his professional career and the first to publicly acknowledge it. He died from AIDS-related causes in 1995.”

First of all it is ludicrous for MLB to celebrate the first homosexual player. It would be like celebrating the first pedophile, the first rapist, the first wife beater, the first adulterer, the first arsonist, the first … (name any and all immoral activities.) Mr. Siegel, NPR, the broadcast networks, Hollywood, much of academia, the education system, our federal government, the Democrat Party and the majority of Leftists and Liberals are pushing for the ‘gaying’ of America. They are trying to equate and elevate this perverse lifestyle to a normal, natural, healthy, fully acceptable alternate lifestyle. It is not.

Second, it is foolish to give this second-rate baseball player 28% of the words in news segment about a baseball great just because of his sexuality. It is a slap in the face of a baseball icon and a blatant attempt and intent to push an agenda. This segment illustrates the gripping agenda of one of many advocates for homosexuality trying so desperately to destroy the American society and culture. They can call it a rights issue, but in the end it is a favorite Leftist issue.

....................................................JETER       BURKE..........................                                                                  

Batting Average:                         .311               .237

Hits:                                            3,408                124

Home Runs:                                  258                    2

Runs batted in:                          1,286                  38

Years Played:                                  20                    4


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