Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Mississippi GOP Being Sued for Alleged Abuses in Recent Runoff Election

True the Vote is taking direct and immediate action against the Mississippi GOP as a result of the apparent rampant voter fraud that went on in the recent primary runoff election in Mississippi. That election was between entrenched, entitled, and elite GOP Good Old Boy incumbent U.S.  Senator Thad 'Way Past His Prime' Cochran versus true conservative challenger Mississippi State Senator and previous primary election winner Chris McDaniel.

Essentially the GOP, I suspect both the Mississippi GOP and the National GOP did not want another Ted Cruz upsetting their apple cart and lucrative status quo in D.C. so they pulled out all stops to sidetrack Senator McDaniel's bid to replace Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell loyal trooper, including recruiting and possibly paying Democrats to vote for their man Thad in the run off election. Senator Cochran 'won' or I should say accumulated the most votes, around 6,000 more than Senator McDaniel.  By the way, Senator McDaniel has not conceded the election yet and is contesting the results as well, claiming that in one county alone there were 1,000 Democrats who voted in the Democrat Primary, who also voted in the GOP Runoff Election, which is illegal.

The National GOP has a history of supporting the liberal or mushy 'moderate' GOP candidate over a conservative candidate. The GOP threw its weight with Primary loser Lisa Mukowski, who then ran as an independent in the General Election, and won in the 2010 Alaska U.S. Senatorial Race against GOP Primary winner Joe Miller.

I would like nothing more than to see the Mississippi Runoff Election's result overturned and the local and national GOP slapped and shamed royally for their lack of principle in the pursuit of power.

Congratulations to True the Vote for taking this stand. Check out the article and the Press Release here:

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