Thursday, July 24, 2014

Inhumane and Heartless Hamas

I just had to respond to another leftist article I saw at  titled, "The Most Harrowing, Heart-Breaking Dispatches from Palestinians in Gaza, Palestinians in Gaza are using social media to connect with the outside world they are cut off from."

The article is an extremely one-sided story. The author must be a Hamas apologist.

There is no mention at all in the article about who started this conflict in the first place. Leftist commentators conveniently forget that inhumane Islamo-fascist terrorist Hamas is who provoked the conflict. They took the offensive. THEY, not Israel, are the offenders.

Nor does the author of the article mention the horrific strategy Hamas terrorists employ to defend themselves - firing rockets from Mosques and hospitals and neighborhoods, using the Palestinian people as their human shields. Could this be one big reason why the casualties are so high? Yes, I think so.

Actually, it is Israel who cares more about avoiding Palestinian civilian casualties than does Hamas. They go out of their way with warning the populace of forthcoming attacks. On the other hand, Hamas cares nothing about the Palestinian people. All heartless Hamas cares about is seizing power and participating in the ultimate abortion of Israel.

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