Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Budget Battle: Dems trying to game GOP

“The game is simply how much can the Obama, Pelosi, Reid axis of fiscal evil game the Republicans. How much can they get the GOP to give up? What can they do that might give them a shot at turning 2012 from a disaster to only a bad year?

“… Obama, Pelosi and Reid know what they want. They want fictional budget cuts that will be played out over years in the future. They want these delayed budget cuts that can be undone by future congresses. They also want tax increases. ” --- Judson Phillip, in the www.TeaPartyNation.com article, "The game is afoot," 7/5/2011.

In the article quoted above the author expresses the hope that House Speaker Boehner will not get suckered or played by the axis of fiscal evil into agreeing to any kind of tax increases and thereby alienating the GOP base that so invigorated a dying political party last November. These are real tax increases the Dems want to extricate from the Republicans. Tax increases will fuel their wanton spending, while simultaneously driving forward their socialist agenda and appeasing their multi-diverse special interests.

This same axis of evil will promise meaningless mega future budget cuts, but will give little up in terms of immediate spending curtailment. In other words, they will lie with abandon to get their way. They will use lying in the same way that Muslims use it to accomplish their political-militarist-religious goals. The end justifies the means.

The Republican Congressional leaders will doom themselves, their party and America if they do not heed the cry of their base and the majority of Americans with a single minded purpose to stop the wasteful spending that continues to drive up the deficit and debt of our nation. If this causes a government shutdown over raising the debt roof, so be it. If the Republicans cave on this issue, like they meekly did on the FY2011 budget fiasco, many will be looking for new careers!

The Dems strategy is to “Take a mile and give an inch.”

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