Thursday, July 14, 2011

Help Sponsor a Child in Need

I got message below from Lifeline Ministries. Lifeline is a missions organization serving many North American nations including Haiti, Honduras, and Mexico. They help the poor and disadvantaged as well as teach them about Jesus.  I was especially touched by this particular story.
July 11, 2011 Carlos Cojon and his wife Paty are the Directors of the Omoa Children's Home in Honduras.  Carlos wears several hats, including Honduras Administrator, but Carlos and Paty's love for the girls simply radiates from them.  We thank God every day for this ministry, the Cojon's, and the changes we see in the lives of these precious girls.
Many precious little girls have come to live at the Home and some have very ugly stories that are hard to repeat.  Most all of these girls have been neglected. Some abused. One was born in prison.  Others molested.  But each grab your heart and within days and weeks they come to recognize that their new-found family loves them deeply.  My hat goes off to Carlos and Paty for what they do.  It is a hard ministry.  
It is even more amazing to see how God has worked in the lives of these girls.  Some of them now are getting higher education, thanks to generous donors.  And one of our oldest girls now works at Lifeline's clinic.  The older girls have all claimed their own personal faith and relationship with our Lord.  They have been baptized and are active in the church and community outreach to the youth.

Please praise God and join us in praying for a very special little girl that has recently been placed in the home...

Karla, the newest "angel" at the Omoa Children's Home
Hello everyone! My wife and I have ministered almost 6 years at the OmoaChildren's Home, and God is giving us great experiences, especially when new "angels"  come to our home. This year we were praying for two girls and, in God´s time, they came three weeks ago.  But we did not know that God had another angel for the Children Home.  Last week we got a call from the police and the Public Prosecutor's  Office asking us for a place  for one  special girl. She was at ahospital because she was rescuefrom a sad situation.   My wife went to see her at the hospital and  really her situation was deplorable.  She is 11 and can´t speak; she could not walk because she was used to being tied up to a chair. And since Karla was used to being tieup she never learned to eat like a normal person, etc. Karla  does not have parents; they  are dead.  Karla was under the care of one of her sisters who is 19 years old  and she tied her up.   The police, together with Public Prosecutor Child  Rescue,  heard about our home and  they asked  us to  have Karla temporarily (I don´t know how long is "temporary") but we accepted this challenge. God knows the best for Karla, I can say, God is working hard on His Creation.   Karla is doing well here.   Thank you for your prayers and love for the children in Honduras; God bless Lifeline's ministry around the world. In His Work, Carlos 
If you would like to sponsor a child like Karla or make a one time donation to Lifeline Ministries, please click here.

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