Friday, July 15, 2011

Scapegoat: Now blame it all on the Tea Party

Cartoon by William Warren as found on 7/15/2011

Hat tip goes to David Limbaugh, who in a tweet today cited, Blaming It All On the Tea Party, an 7/15/2011 article on by James W. Ceasar and John York. The Left, especially the politicians like Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama and liberal so-called journalists have been bashing the Tea Party movement incessantly for the last few years. Here are a few excerpts from Ceasar and York’s article.
With the breakdown of (debt ceiling) negotiations on a so-called grand bargain on the debt limit demanded by President Obama, liberal commentators have sought a convenient scapegoat to account for the impasse. Not surprisingly, they have begun by rounding up the usual suspect: the Tea Party. Its intransigence, so the line goes, has sunk this great deal.
The authors identify the primary weapon of choice that the liberals bring out of their arsenal of dirty tricks politics to attack this growing and vital grassroots movement.
…In the most malicious and persistent charge–that of racism, which serves as a prophylactic to protect O’bama from any criticism–the evidence offered is a small number of African Americans in the movement. But how many African Americans, already the most liberal group in America, should one expect to join a movement opposing Barack Obama? And of course when one does, like Herman Cain, and upon a strong showing in a debate wins the respect of the hordes of racists, he immediately becomes subject to the most unseemly attacks by those free of any hint of racial prejudice

Masterfully, Ceasar and York conclude their article with a summary of what boils down to be the ultimate showdown – the battle of twenty-twelve.
At the end of the day, the choice the nation faces is pretty clear–even if both sides will at one day face a point of reckoning. One side wishes a more constrained federal government and greater austerity in our welfare programs. It will hold or cut these programs to the point where it finds it cannot go much further, at which time other remedies may need to be considered. If one wants a model for this approach, it is necessary to look no further than the policies of some of the red-state governments (or Great Britain). The other side wishes a federal government at and beyond the level of 2008 and beyond the current level. If one wants a model for this approach, the blue-state of Illinois or California will do just fine. This side will continue to maintain and expand government, cutting national defense to the bone and adding more “revenues,” up to the point it becomes literally unsustainable. That point has not been reached yet.
This is the choice the nation faces. As of 2011, it has not been definitively made. Perhaps 2012 will be the year of the Tea Party.
I would take it one step further, 2012 must be the year the Tea Party movement matures and fully blooms, otherwise America as we know it will be no more. In other words, 2012 must be a ratcheted repeat of 2010 where more intransigent entrenched RINOs (like John Boehner and Lindsey Graham) and radicalized Democrats are expelled from Washington, D.C. and many more constitutional conservatives are brought in to reinforce the Jim DeMints, the Rand Pauls, the Jim Jordans, and the Allen Wests.

2012 must also be the year that the Congress and the President prepare, pass, and adhere to a prescribed budget and begin to severely shrink government down to a size originally contemplated and designed by our wise founders.

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