Monday, July 04, 2011

Dear Jon: Please step aside for a constitutional conservative!

Campaign 2012

Obama's Ambsassador to China, Guilt by Association?
Recently announced Presidential Candidate Jon Huntsman joins the left-of-center GOP presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich in the race to the top job. These are RINOs.

Haven’t we learned from of 2008 and the 2010 elections that the majority of Americans do not want Big Government politicians of ANY ilk? The establishment, traditional, country club Republicans do want another George W. or John McCain. They want to perpetuate the conversion of America to socialism and to eventually submit to global governance. It is just a matter of degrees in party leadership elites. Bush I and Bush II were just socialism lite, while Obama has proven to be hard-core socialist in nearly everything he does and does not do like insisting on raising the debt without any restrictions whatsoever.

We need someone in the White House who respects the constitution and America’s founding principles, not a revamped or, revised, a new more relevant constitution that comports to a left leaning vision.

Getting back to former Utah Governor Huntsman, who is also the media’s choice, just like John McCain was their darling. McCain was their favorite, until he was officially nominated and then they media championed Obama. The Huntsman campaign sent me an email that began:

I can tell you with confidence I will be a different kind of president. Just look at my record as Governor of Utah, and you will see I am the candidate who possesses a completely unique package of skills, values and leadership that can finally, actually change our country...
Gov. Huntsman will be different alright, he will not be a constitutional conservative. According to some of Huntsman's values are listed below, Obama has been very effective in bringing change to America - unfortunately the wrong change. i am afraid Gov. Huntsman will be carrying out the same unwise changes that the current President has implemented.

Cap and Trade – he is a believer in man-caused global warming?

• Make Utah the premier destination for renewable energy. (Jan 2009)
• Congress should cap greenhouse-gas pollution. (Nov 2007)

Homosexual Agenda – he supports it

• Supports civil unions and other rights for same-sex couples. (May 2011)

Healthcare – he has flip-flopped on requiring individual mandate

• Supported individual mandate in 2007; opposes it now. (Jun 2011)

Immigration – he is pro-illegal immigration

• Vetoed repeal of college tuition for illegal immigrants. (May 2011)
• Border fence repulses me; inconsistent with America's image. (May 2011)

With at least these four key issues, I don’t see a great deal of difference between Huntsman and the current occupier of the White House. He doesn’t even concur with alleged platform of the GOP. He is antithetical to much of what a constitutionalist or Tea Party participant believe. Basically he is an Olympia Snowe-Susan Collins kind of a Republican, which isn’t good … I like Upstate Voice Scott’s description of Huntsman, “a Progressive NEOCON,” a more apt handle could not be presented!

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