Saturday, July 09, 2011

Freedom Flotilla 2 and Gaza’s Hobby, “Guns, Guns, Guns”

I guess I missed the story of the second attempted “Freedom” Flotilla. The “Freedom Flotilla 2 was another attempt to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza. In this post I first include a quote about the story from Jim Holt (of, then second a funny satirical song by an Israeli group (Latma) about the incident.
Even the Obama-inspired ship was a failure – Last year Barack Obama’s good friend Rashid Khalidi raised cash for a ship named “The Audacity of Hope” to smash through the Israel’s Gaza Blockade. After months of fundraising his group finally raised enough cash for the mission. The Obama-inspired ship set out to join this year’s Gaza-bound “Freedom Flotilla 2″ with several prominent leftists and Obama supporters on board.” --- Jim Holt, in “The Audacity of Failure… Islamo-Leftists on Obama-Inspired Flotilla Ship Throw in Towel.”
Hat tip goes to LatmaTV for producing the video below. The YouTube description accompanying the video reads, “After its international hit We Con the World, Latma, Israel's premier satire website brings you The Audacity of Dopes Band singing "Guns, Guns" Guns" in honor of this year's attempted flotilla to Hamastan in Gaza.

I don't watch traditional television so I am not sure that ABC, CBS, Fox, or NBC reported this event.

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  1. Does this mean that you are favor of GUN CONTROL???!!!