Sunday, April 15, 2012

Abortion, the REAL War on Women!

Abortion is the real war against women. After all, aren’t 50% of all aborted babies female?

Isn’t one of the core components of the Obama Administration’s agenda, as well as the key platform issue of his Democratic Party, the radical support including the preservation, expansion, and funding of this loathsome “surgical procedure”?
Doesn’t this European socialist and Marxist President even audaciously claims that the GOP is guilty of conducting a so-called war on woman because they oppose taxpayer funding of contraceptives, sterilization, and unbridled abortion? The President and the Democratic Party adamantly espouse a woman’s “reproductive rights” which translated means the right to murder their fellow human being, her son and/or her daughter, resting innocently in her womb. Babies from conception onward are not mere tissue or appendages of a woman’s body, they are individual human beings. Their destruction is murder, pure and simple.

Therefore, although the current occupier of the White House claims to be on the side of women, he wants to oversee the demise of millions of females in the womb of women across the nation and especially the black babies, which are aborted at a greater percentage and frequency than any other babies. The President words and mouthed platitudes are antithetical to his core beliefs and actions. He is the actually the unabashed leader in the war against women, not their defender or protector.

Speaking of immoral and harmful policies promoted by this President and the Democratic Party, Senator Jim DeMint in his most recent book, Now or Never, Saving America From Economic Collapse, makes this cogent statement about Democratic policies:

Democratic policies have done far more harm than good for African-Americans. Before President Johnson’s welfare expansion, the unwed mother rate for African-Americans was less than 10 percent. Today, with welfare incentives encouraging out-of-wedlock births, over 70 percent of African-American are born out of wedlock. Democrats so often say we need government solutions to solve our problems when what they ultimately do is subsidize these problems. Unwed births are a primary contributor to poverty, high school dropouts, unemployment, drug use, crime, and incarceration, and welfare has seriously harmed the family structure of American families – yet Democrats remain wholly resistant to any reforms. Their answer to how we might finally fix these problems? More spending, more federal control, and, as always more government.

So who’s really prosecuting the war on women, the family, and American values?

Is it the freedom (with associated responsibility) loving and seeking conservatives? Is it Christians? Is it the GOP (at least its published platform)? Is it the individual?

Or is it those who promote “freedom” without responsibility, which approaches anarchy or selfishness? Is it the secular humanists, who distain and want to eliminate all Christian influence in our society? Is it current corrupt Democratic Party elite infected and motivated by failed European socialist philosophies and policies? Is it the collective?

The American people as a whole will ultimately answer the question in this year’s primary and general elections. Voting for the status quo, voting for almost any Democratic candidate assures us that the war on women, the continued war on family values and other fundamental American values and principles will be further advanced.

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