Sunday, April 08, 2012

Go for Broke(red) GOP Convention!

It is my belief that Governor Mitt Romney is a complete con man. At the core of his being is a liberal, socialist in the mold of Barack Obama. He’s been accurately labeled as being “Obama Lite.” He lies when he now claims to be a Conservative. He does so in order to gain the GOP nomination. He is devoid of principle. The Etch-a-Sketch candidate will morph into the mushy moderate-to-liberal political hack that he is, if and when (God forbid) he secures the GOP nomination!
Indeed, that is an all-too-accurate depiction of who Willard Mitt Romney is. Like Bob Dole, George H.W. Bush, and John McCain before him, he is the GOP establishment elite selection. And like these predecessors, he would be defeated in a general election.

An Obama-Romney contest for President would be like Presidential failures George H. W. "No New Taxes" Bush versus Jimmy "Worst President Ever Until Barack Obama Came Along" Carter. It would be the battle for the title of biggest loser!
America’s best hope and best bet is for a brokered GOP convention, in which a real conservative might emerge as the candidate the base and grassroots can support. I, for one, could not support Mr. Romney in any way. Hopefully, most Americans and Republicans will not be conned by the neither the GOP nor by the slick ads of the self-described “conservative,” charlatan Romney.
I am growing increasingly disappointed with the likes of Senator Marco Rubio and other so-called conservative leaders who are coming out in support of the liberal con man Romney. Instead, we should be demanding someone who personifies and who has demonstrated that he believes in and has applied conservative principles and the U.S. Constitution while in office and not merely mouthed platitudes in order to get elected!

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