Monday, April 09, 2012

The Experts Say New Casino Will Increase Risk in Cleveland

Here is an excerpt from an article I saw in a local newspaper about my hometown and the scourge, which is about to further plague that troubled and impoverished city.

Casino gambling with its glitz, new jobs and attraction for troubled gamblers is coming to Cleveland, one of America's poorest cities, and experts agree the convenience will increase the number chronic gamblers willing to lie, cheat or steal to get a poker fix.

The bottom line is that gambling will hurt rather than help the urban areas. Crime will increase. Families will be torn apart. Homelessness will mushroom. Nothing good will come from the casino, except maybe to line the pockets of owners and the politicians, who are in the pockets of the owners.

You can read more of this insightful article at: “Experts: Casino will add to risks in Cleveland.”


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  2. Gambling is a problem, but putting people in jail for it isn't the solution. The gambling amendment should never have passed, not because it legalized gambling, but because it only allows the gambling on property owned by a particular group of investors. You are right that the politicians are in their pockets. But laws against gambling are hard to enforce. But if you're going to ban gambling, be consistent and ban it all--including bingo games in catholic churches and the Ohio Lottery. Don't show favoritism to certain groups.