Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Obama-Romney: A Choice Between Two Evils, Pick Your Poison!

Deadlocked Convention Intervention

Here is an update of the list I developed months ago as I followed he GOP Presidential race. I still hold out hope for a brokered GOP convention. Willard Romney is almost as unacceptable a candidate for President as the current occupier of the White House. Of the three remaining candidates after Senator Rick Santorum’s suspension of his campaign, there is none I could vote for. I hope that Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul would win enough votes to keep the mushy mainstream moderate-to-liberal Romney from gaining the GOP nomination.

A deadlocked convention has to produce a nominee who can motivate the base to work to defeat Barack Obama. I could not support Governor Romney. He is a charlatan. He is a fake conservative. He is a fraud. I see little or no difference between Obama and Romney. One would just destroy the country faster than the other, that’s the only difference. It comes down to a choice between two evils.


1 - Michele Bachmann

2 – A Conservative*** to be named later


3 - Herman Cain

4 - Rick Santorum  

5 - Rick Perry


6 - Newt Gingrich – like Romney talks a good line, but has acted opposite on many issues. Great debater, but loses the argument with me.

7 - Ron Paul – strong fiscally, middle of the road socially, denies Islamic threat to America and the world, wants to legalize hardcore drugs

8 - Jon Huntsman

9 - Mitt Romney – an establishment stooge, will the real Romney please stand up? Ronald Reagan was the Gipper. Willard Romney is the Flipper! Romney would be socialist-lite in comparison to the hardcore socialist/Marxist 44th President.

10 – Barack Obama - should never have been elected President in the first place. He is a community organizer at best.

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  1. The fact that Santorum dropped out of the race at this point shows that he was never really in it for sake of the country, but himself. If he would have stayed in the race, there would have been a better chance of a brokered election.