Thursday, April 19, 2012

Santorum’s “Act of God”

Now that Santorum has dropped out, he has shown how wimpy he really is.  I mentioned in a comment that if Santorum really cared about changing the country for the good, he would have stayed in the race to try to force a brokered convention.  But since he is almost the same as Romney, what would be the point?

I remember Santorum’s response to the statement, “It would take an act of God…” for you to win the election.  Why then did he drop out?  I guess Santorum no longer believes in acts of God!  Actually, in one of Santorum’s responses to the statement, he made a Freudian slip and said, “I believe in act of Gods.”  Ah!  Maybe he was subconsciously referring to polytheistic faith which his major opponent professes.  Maybe he meant that the gods are on Romney’s side because he is a Mormon, a religion which teaches that Elohim (God) is just one of many and that people can become gods.  That religion would seem to suit Santorum well because he thinks that he is so great and thinks (like Mormons) that doing good works cancels out sin.  (Remember how he justified some of his bad votes like abortion funding and No Child Left Behind.)  The only problem would be that he would have to give up drinking alcohol and smoking pot.

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