Saturday, December 15, 2012

Controlling Tragedies Like Newton, CT

I saw the above quote on twitter this morning. It's an answer to the American Leftists, like the President, who will predictably pounce on this crisis  and catastrophe in Newton, CT to push more of their socialist and secular agenda, namely taking guns out of the hands of all Americans.


If someone was armed at the Newton elementary school like the principal, then lives may have been saved.

Actually, it is not the gun, man, it's not the gun. It's the basic nature of man. In and of himself or herself man is a basically depraved being. Collectively it is our increasingly corrupt culture that nourishes such violence as we see in the elementary school in Newton.

The only meaningful start to an answer is a return to a fundamental respect for life, and letting God and the teaching of moral absolutes (like the 10 commandments) back in our public education system. Without it we are doomed to see Columbine, Aurora, and Newton repeated over and over again ...

God and the Bible were expunged from the schools in the sixties and replaced by the repugnant secular humanism religion. God and the Bible are not a religion. There is no such thing in our Constitution as separation of church (or God) and state. It is a contrived notion of leftist activist judges who finagled it through the courts.

We must begin to purge the secular humanist religion from our schools and weaken its influence and grip on our culture.


They took God out of the schools.

They took the teaching of morality and moral absolutes out of the schools. The 10 commandments are universal principles to live by. Teaching moral absolutes and character and values based on judeo-christian bible is fundamental to what America is. Other ideoloigies or political-religious-militaristic ideologies like Islam with its attending Sharia Law is not. Nor is socialism or communism.

They took Guns out of the schools.

Evil, Moral Relativism, and the Adam Lanzas of the world enter!!!

What did you expect? Nirvana? A social utopia?


We must recognize that the basic nature of man is corrupt.

It is just some people manifest or choose to act and misbehave in ways that are more repulsive than the rest of us - rapists, murderers, thiefs, terrorists, politicians, or lawyers...

Only if we allow God through Jesus Christ to intervene in our lives personally and individually are we not destined to remain separated from Him now and forever ... Need Him.

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