Saturday, December 29, 2012

Is the Tea Party is 'the most destructive political entity ever seen'

I try to visit and participate in the Politics Forum as often as I can. Today I responded to this post by someone named TheHitman85:

The Tea Party is the most destructive political entity ever seen in this country. The Nullifier Party runs a distant second. Sad really. When will Boehner and the majority of moderate republicans dump these bozo's before a total dismantling of the party.

Here is how I responded:

Sorry, Hit, but the Democrat Party is the most destructive …
The Democrat Party has not passed a budget in nearly 4 years. They run up unsustainable deficits year after year. They demand more ‘revenue’ or taxes; yet refuse to deal with excessive, wasteful government spending.
The ‘destructive’ TEA Party demands that both the ‘moderate’ Republicans and the leftist Democrats balance the government budget.
They want entitlements reformed, including the repeal of an unsustainable new entitlement, ObamaCare. They want the American Health Care System reformed, not transformed into a socialized/state controlled enterprise.
They want their government to do the one duty it is supposed to do – national security – to recognize our enemies (Islam and Islamic Terrorists states and groups) and to treat them as such and not to kowtow and to continually appease them.
They want our porous borders secured. They want the laws of the land enforced.
They demand that the principles of the Declaration of Independence – God given rights of Life, Liberty and Property be preserved and protected.
They want God, the Bible and Judeo-Christian ethics and values restored to the public financed classroom instead of the secular humanistic religion that replaced it and now rules the day…
If this is destructive, call me a destroyer!

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