Saturday, December 29, 2012

Will Boehner Fully Capitulate by 12/31/2012 to Obama?

Unfortunately, Speaker John Boehner is not now a leader of the Conservative Movement, if, in fact, he ever was.
He is a hopeless, hapless RINO. He is a shill for the East Coast country club Republican elites. Time after time, he and the GOP use Conservatives and Tea Party participants at election time to win elections under false premises.
In 2010 they used us to get to the majority in the House.
Once power was secured, Boehner abandoned principle for power and politics. Despite whatever glossy, patriotic, conservative terminology and rhetoric he may misuse in his bombastic speeches before Congress or the Media’s microphones. You can count on Boehner putting Boehner and his party first, America be damned.
Frustratingly, he seemingly acts like a virtual wimp in the presence of the President, yielding like a whipped pup to the President's every demand.
The bottom line is, if Boehner completely caves, as he is expected to do, he must be replaced by a real conservative and leader before it is everlastingly too late. Someone like former Presidential candidate and Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann, who does have a backbone, would nicely and precisely fit the bill.
Or even my current representative in the House, Jim Jordan, who has impeccable Conservative credentials and record, would equally make an outstanding Speaker.
We need someone who will figuratively counteract the Nancy Pelosis, on both side of the aisle in Congress, punch for punch…
Neither of the above mentioned Speaker-replacements would so easily surrender to the ‘transformation-minded’ President and equally treasonous Democrats in Congress. They would deal with the real problem of America, turning off the spending spigot of the current regime in Washington!

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