Sunday, April 07, 2013

Are Republicans the Real Racists?

Another article, “Is the GOP Sincere in Denouncing its Bigots? There has been an outcry from some GOP members concerning GOP bigotry. But the sea change may be much less than meets the eye,” makes some controversial allegations that are making weak attempts are refuting the racists and bigots among the membership.
To give the impression that racism and bigotry is rampant in and exclusive to or accepted by the Republican Party is wrong. There is as much or more “routine bigotry” and hatred in the Democrat Party and on the Left toward Christians, conservatives, and TEA Party Participants, whose philosophy and values differ from those of the Left. For example, many on the right and most Republicans believe that trillion dollar deficits are wrong. These deficits essentially amount to generational theft. Republicans are called racist when they choose to support national defense, which is the primary responsibility of government, over ramping up the unaffordable welfare entitlements, which would be better left to the local community and churches.

“Crude race baiting” seems to be a plank in the Democrat Party and the on-going campaign activity of the current occupier of the White House. The instant reaction to opposition to policy or regulations coming out of the current administration is to blame Republican racism.

What party is a really a “prisoner of their party’s racist past”? Wasn’t it the KKK that long time Klan member and supporter Senator Robert Byrd belonged to? What party opposed the Civil Rights Law of 1964?

I contend that people like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson are the biggest race baiters in the country. They make their living keeping the racial pot stirred. The last time I looked these gentlemen are members of the Democrat Party.

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