Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sequestration Exaggeration

What a joke. Instead of the title of a recent extreme liberal article reading, "Congress Makes Sure They Have No Flight Delays, While Sequestration Heaps Huge Damage on Many Millions," it should really read as follows: 

"Congress overturns Obama Administration's attempt – at least in the case of the furlough of FAA flight controllers - to convince Americans that cutting ANY government spending is bad by inflicting as much needless pain as possible on the public anywhere and everywhere that government agencies can.

"The Obama regime does this to score points with as much of the voting public as possible to insure GOP defeat and Democrat Congressional victories in the 2014 election and re-insert Princess Pelosi as Speaker of the House so she can rubber-stamp and force through the House Obama's leftist agenda during his last two years in office as she did during his first two years...

"All this to try to show that the meager, insignificant, inconsequential sequester cuts are damaging millions of Americans..."

Furloughing the flight controllers because of sequestration is pure politics on the part of Barack Obama and his comrades-in-harms. Obama's war on the sequester cuts seems to be backfiring, at least in the case of the FAA budget manipulation...

What we need is MORE spending cuts, not revoking the measly sequester cuts that were made...

As with the FAA budget shenanigans, Obama has insisted that throughout government any sequestration cuts should be done to bring about the most visible and damaging affects to the most people as possible, from children in Head Start programs to feeding the elderly in Meals-on-Wheels programs. This is pure politics and is despicable. The Presidents says he cares about children. Hogwash, he cares only about expanding the scope and power of government. Yeah, he cares about children, yet he gives profs and high fives to Planned Parenthood during the bloody Kermit Gosnell Abortion and Murder Trial

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