Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Iron Lady's Legacy Lives On

I responded to an article on, “Singer Morrissey's Scathing Letter to the Public About Margaret Thatcher: "A Terror Without an Atom of Humanity." The article amounted to a hit piece on one of the greatest world leaders of the 21st century. Mr. or Ms. Morrissey, like many a ‘singer’ in the music world today, probably was so stoned between 1978 through 1990, that they didn’t notice the good Margaret Thatcher did for Britain and the world. Here are my comments to the article… 

First off, who is Morrissey? I have never heard of her or him. I have, however, heard of Lady Thatcher

The biggest thing this great woman 'hated' with a just passion was socialism. Socialism had nearly ruined Britain before Mrs. Thatcher time as prime minister. Just like socialism is systematically destroying ('transforming', 'change you can believe in') our once great (but now perilously sliding in a 'progressively' downward spiral) nation with renewed vengeance the past 4 plus years. 

The Morrisseys of the world disliked Thatcher with a passion particularly because she did not accept the socialist utopian line. It has never worked. It never will. She fought it and had some degree of success, to Great Britain's benefit. 

What America now desperately needs is passionate conservative leadership like a Michele Bachmann  or an Allen West could provide. This kind of leader would uncompromisingly fight socialism and return American to some semblance of respect and exceptional-ism for which it was once known.

Among other things, America needs a leader like the Iron Lady, not the candidates the GOP and Media keeps foisting on America like the liberals-in- ‘conservative’-garb John (the moderate maverick) McCain or Willard (thought-I-could-sell-America-that-I’m-conservative) Romney.

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