Saturday, April 06, 2013

Education Reform: Right Ahead or Left Behind?

There was a recent article on, on my ‘favorite’ left-wing website, “Public Schools, Billionaire Agendas: The Threat of the 'Parent Revolution' Campaign The "parent-trigger” movement is being heavily financed by the conservative Walton Family Foundation, one of the nation’s largest anti-union organizations,” that caught my attention. This article caused me to reflect and to react by making the following comments. I repeat them here:

In writing about anyone (including a large majority of American parents and the legions of taxpaying supporters of parental choice and rights in matters of education) who may be opposed to keeping the status quo of our failed government indoctrination centers their reform movement is referred to pejoratively as “seemingly populist crusade.” The children-ignoring teacher unions seek to preserve the status quo. They only seek more union dues and oppose ANY infringement or possible infringement on their gravy train.
Does it matter that the Walton family or anyone of lesser means seeks to support reform for reforms sake? Yes, to Democrat politicos, the NEA, AFT those monopolistic goliaths who rule and ruin he education system. I see nothing wrong with lessening the influence of the tyrannical teacher union and their thuggish tactics (like the Wisconsin teacher protests
The author wrote that the film “Won’t Back Down” ”largely depicts the teachers’ union and school bureaucracy as opponents of change.” That description is more typical, not only in Pittsburgh, but many schools across this country. I just took the time and watched that movie. It was a powerful demonstration of the very thing that parents desire for their children. They do not want the union-first, kids-last mentality that currently runs rampant in our nation.
Instead of putting down the Walton family sponsorship of the reform movement, watch the movie quoted in the article, and see if real change is definitely what is needed today. ‘School Choice’ should be the cry across the U.S., not ‘Keeping the Status Quo’! 
Thank you, Gary Cohn (article's author), for mentioning the movie in your article, with which I otherwise disagree. I had never heard of the movie before. I give it ***** stars. I recommend it to all readers to watch it and weep …

The movie, “Won’t Back Down” captures essence of the problem with our failed education system so well. Here is a brief synopsis of the movie from the movie’s website (click on the link above):

The Story
Maggie Gyllenhaal and Viola Davis play two determined mothers; one a teacher, who will stop at nothing to transform their children's failing inner city school. Facing a powerful and entrenched bureaucracy, they risk everything to make a difference in the education and future of their children.
The film is inspired by the work of dedicated parents, teachers and advocates across the country.

The movie should inspire all Americans, but especially parents, grandparents, taxpayers, conservatives, Christians, and all others who love this nation and what it stands for to take action to fix the dysfunctional public education system. If the system is so badly flawed, then maybe it is time to scrap it and start over again with an entirely new approach.

The best method to deal with our broken education system is to let the private sector, the free market, compete without restriction directly with the current system. The current system will either die or improve.

Before you watch the movie I suggest that you also check out the YouTube video, "Wont Back Down Featurette," which highlights the movie and offers some additional insight from the actors and actresses.

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