Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ohio College Students React to the Reality of Abortion

Columbus, Ohio based Created Equal is a Pro-Life group that visits a lot of college campuses with their Pro-Life displays depicting the reality of abortion. A lot of Pro-Death advocates despise this approach, probably because the signs are too real, man. I graduated from Ohio University and I'm sorry to say that on of its current students is classless as could be in the following recent video:

After watching this video I made the following tweet:

O. U., Oh My, My Al mater?: "Go abort yourself!": displays rile advocate

Just today Created Equal posted this commentary and another video taken on the campus of Otterbein University.

Columbus, OH – April 23, 2013 – Today, a student at Otterbein University disapproved of our signs and decided to take action by censoring the victims.  This is the third student to resort to this measure this month, which begs the question: Is this the new normal from American college students?

Click here to see the video "Student censoring Created Equal: "I'm exercising my First Amendment rights!"

And here another taken on the main campus of The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. It shows a deliberate act of vandalism on the part of an obvious Pro-Death advocate and student: 

The reaction of all three women on all three campuses is the same - anger and profanity laced comments at what they perceived as the inappropriateness of the graphic signs. they totally disregarded the right of freedom of speech. Apparently the only acceptable speech on our college campuses is politically correct or leftist approved speech.

What is particularly troublesome (though not surprising considering the apostasy of many main line liberal 'Christian' denominations) is the fact that Otterbein University is affiliated with the United Methodist Church. The school like many in the U.S. were founded by followers of Christ. If the school founders were alive to see the behavior of the impudent student on their campus - especially her apparent defense of abortion and rejection of free speech - they would close down the school on the spot.

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