Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Boston Marathon Bombing Was an Act of War

The author of the and article, “The Boston Bomber Brothers Got the Attention They Wanted, The suspects were nobodies who wanted to spread fear. A citywide lockdown and media hysteria helped them do that,wrote, “So how should the authorities treat political crimes of this sort?” He referred to the recent terrorist attack as a “political crime.” In response to his article and his comment I penned the following.
The Boston Marathon Bombing was a blatant act of Islam-inspired terrorism. It is political only for the fact that Islam is a Political, Militaristic in addition to being a Religious system. The Boston Marathon Bombing was not merely a crime, but an act of war. These two brothers were combatants in this war of Islamic terrorism. They are enemies of the United States. They murdered three and maimed scores of Americans. This act of deliberate terrorism is vastly different than the crimes that occur daily in our overly permissive, gang-infested, welfare plantations led by liberal Democrat overseers in our major metropolitan areas.

Authorities should first recognize the fact that we are at war with Islamists worldwide. Second, we should secure our borders and enforce existing immigration laws. Thirdly, authorities need to be especially watchful to those recent legal or illegal immigrants who travel to Muslim enclaves for possible terrorist training. Fourth, deport any illegal alien who has been proven to be involved with any terrorist group within or outside of the United States.

Until we secure our borders and enforce our existing laws, until we identify and purge our country of illegal immigrants, who have connections to Islamist and other terrorist groups, we should not pursue any new so-called comprehensive immigration reform. We need to get our house in order first and foremost. In other words, no amnesty should be granted at this present critical time. The Boston Marathon Bombing is a wake up call!

This week America and the rest of the world were witnesses to an act of Islamic terrorism. The trial or tribunal that awaits the surviving Boston Marathon Bombing brother Tsarnaev should be quick and if guilty the accused should receive the death penalty. There seems to be a preponderance of evidence and witnesses to the violent act of terror perpetrated on American citizens in Boston.

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