Wednesday, February 09, 2011

AOL gobbles up HuffPost, or vice versa?

AOL: Adrianna On Line?

Raven Clarbough in her article, “Huffington Post Strikes Deal With AOL,” writes the following concerning the purchase, “According to the American Thinker, conservatives should be concerned by such an amalgamation of liberal ideological power so close to the 2012 elections.

“"Every effort by conservatives to come up with a news portal to match Huffpo has failed. We better get busy. The left just got a big boost in connecting with the average American and with the 2012 elections coming up; you can expect they'll exploit this advantage for all it's worth."

I recently attempted to make a comment on the Huffington Post in regard to the recent undercover operations of Planned Parenthood and my comment was excluded. Zsa Zsa (Arianna Huffington) will bring her pro-death, anti-American sentiments to AOL, expanding her negative influence there …

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