Monday, February 07, 2011

The Super Bowl Ad That Was Too "Hot" For Even Fox?

The video above presents evidence showing how far that America has degenerated from its inception. Vulgarity, decadence, immorality, and all other manner of licentiousness are tolerated. No, more than that, this corruption is embraced.

Yet, a simple, clear, wholesome presentation of a spiritually encouraging and uplifting message is condemned as too controversial! Wow, how far the United States has sunk. First, God was taken out of the schools, resulting in an education system that is ineffective, immoral and merely serves as a propaganda tool for an increasing secular and godless Leftist government. Second, the Ten Commandments are declared unwelcome in most societal institutions. Now even the network that seems to have a vestige of conservative values is shutting the Christian message out. Is this Red China or the Soviet Union? Day by day we are looking more like a communistic state than the America at our founding.

What a terrible predicament we find America to be in today. We need individual revival. We need to beg for God’s mercy and for His forgiveness instead of driving Him completely out of our lives and the life of our nation.

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