Saturday, February 26, 2011

unPLANNED, the book

If you would like to get an inside look at the abortion debate in America today unPlanned by Abby Johnson is a must read. It is a very personal account of an individual with insights on both sides of this intense life and death issue. Abby was brought up in a strong Christian home, yet ended up being the director of a godless abortion provider clinic in Bryan, Texas. The book is filled with twists and turns, ups and downs in this twenty-something woman’s life. We get a glimpse in her story, at the motivations of someone in this dreadful business, and some of the inner secrets of both sides of the abortion controversy.

Abby Johnson bares her soul, her life to the reader from her freshman year in college days until the present. Motivated by a desire to help women in crisis after she stopped at the abortion and alleged women’s health billion dollar provider, the Planned Parenthood Federation of America's volunteer table on the campus of Texas A & M University, she was inspired (duped really) to join their ‘cause.’ She unknowingly and naively bonded with this deadly, deceptive and morally and ethically corrupt organization.

For nearly a decade Abby thought she was doing the right thing, serving women in crisis. She was a compassionate, caring volunteer, counselor and eventual director in the Planned Parenthood organization. Then one day she was asked to assist in an actual abortion, holding the ultrasound wand so the abortionist could end the life of a 14 or so week old baby. That was it. Watching the screen, watching the deliverate termination of a human life was the culmination of many God directed steps that Abby was to walk to arrive at her eventual decision to leave her position at Planned Parenthood.

In reading this insightful book you should come to the conclusion that Abby Johnson was a sincere, caring individual. However she was on the wrong side of the abortion fence. She knowingly or unwittingly contributed to the murder of hundreds, maybe thousands of human beings and bringing pain and misery to many women. All the time she was thinking she was helping women in crisis. She did help some, but in the larger context she hurt as many or more.

How many caring, compassionate, considerate people got sucked into this horrid pregnancy termination business? I would guess a great number. Hopefully many will see the light of truth as Abby Johnson did. Hopefully many will identify with Abby in reading this book, unPlanned, and will come over to the right side of the fence and call abortion what it is, the taking of innocent life and will want to have nothing to do with that horrific procedure.

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