Friday, February 04, 2011

Planned Parenthood caught holding a bag of tricks

It’s time to stop funding and to stop promoting Planned Parenthood’s evil practices


It’s not only their core business, the murderous abortion procedure, that is solely so atrocious. It is also that they disregard the law. They are lawless. They are complicit in not reporting underage child rapes, and they even facilitate cover-ups of those violations. Now they are even willing to work with sex traffickers in servicing their products, the young girls and women, victims who work as indentured sex slaves. Under the radar, Planned Parenthood provides services such as abortion, birth control etc. Amazingly, they are even willingly provide business consultation to pimps and prostitutes as to how to more effectively run their prostitution business!


Worse yet, we, the taxpayers of these United States are providing this vile, disgraceful, despicable organization with funding to supplement its increasing insidious and devious activities. Extraordinarily, Planned Parenthood, has been treated with respect by many in this society, such as liberal churches, educators and many in the medical community, that it does not deserve. In fact, they do not deserve one penny of public funding, no matter how slick their public relations and marketing may be. Like ACORN, the ACLU, and the NEA their work is to undermine the very founding principles and values of America.  Above all, Planned Parenthood epitomizes the very worst element of the Leftist movement.


A modern day Esther sticking up for the unborn, Lila Rose, a young student-journalist and her Live Action organization has exposed the seedy side of this godless and perverted organization. Planned Parenthood and their  sinister associates like NARAL and the National Abortion Federation do not like that exposure. Truth hurts liars. These evil organizations, like rats backed into a corner, will attack will viciousness to try to discredit and to minimize the “damage” done by heroines such as Miss Rose. After all Planned Parenthood, believe it or not, is a billion dollar business, receiving, sorry to say, 1/3 of its funding from the public trough!


Here is the latest in regard to Planned Parenthood’s criminal activity. Steven Ertelt wrote two articles, “Abortionists Busted,” written for the Washington Times and a second, “Second Video Shows Planned Parenthood-Sex Trafficking Coverup,” which he wrote for He wrote this about Planned Parenthood, “The pro-choice group has a history of having staffers caught in videos while engaging in everything from misleading women about the scientific facts behind the development of their unborn child to helping underage girls get abortions after they were victims of statutory rape by much older men without informing parents or police.
Ertelt talks about the undercover investigative journalism that has produced several powerful videos that reveal the seemly underbelly of this seedy so supposed healthcare facility. He records, “The videos provide … cold, hard evidence of the mentality behind the abortion industry and the lengths to which Planned Parenthood will go to sell abortions to women - and girls - of any age.”
He adds, “The videos could become the next partial-birth-abortion controversy - a game-changing look at the issue of abortion in a way that goes beyond the typical pro-life-vs.-pro-choice bumper-sticker slogans; they hit at the reality of abortion.
Ertelt relates that in the two video below, “(P)aid staffers help supposed sex-trafficking perpetrators secure abortions.” This should awaken the public outrage to demand that the government and law enforcement do something about this terrible injustice.
He concludes, “As more Americans are confronted with a changed image of Planned Parenthood - from compassionate health care provider to a partner in exploiting women for financial gain - the potential for public opinion to shift further to the pro-life side grows.”

Here are the two videos referred to above:

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