Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wisconsin Subversion

Fire the Teachers who had the "blue flu"!

Here are two questions I am asking myself about Wisconsin, which has been in the news the last few days. Governor Scott Walker is facing some difficult decisions regarding reigning in his states budget deficit.


Wisconsin: Who governs you, ‘We the VOTERS’ or the public UNIONS? 

Wisconsin: Why are Barack Obama's political/campaign operation Organizing for America (OFA), the "Reverend" Jesse Jackson, and Richard Trumka's AFL-CIO interfering in that state's business?


The public unions have had their way in Wisconsin, New Jersey, California, New York and Ohio for a very long time. The more they demanded, the more they received. They have gotten used to getting their way through weak and politically correct polutitcians. Now the people are beginning to elect true and courageous statesmen who are willing to face and deal with fiscal reality. These representatives of the people are drawing the line and are saying NO to the rebellious, obstinate, spoiled children. They are standing up to the union and their hired thugs. I just read on twitter that some people wanting to start a recall drive to get Governor Walker removed. Boo Who, Boo Who, Boo Who …

Grow up President Obama and show some real leadership, pull your OFA goons off this state issue. How about working on reducing the deficit, or how about securing the borders, if you need something to do? You have failed miserably in your lame attempt at cutting the FY2012 budget. My advice is that you get to work and show some leadership. As for the bad ‘Reverend,’ he is automatically drawn, like metal to a magnet at the sound of camera’s clicking. He is nothing more than a rabble rouser. Ditto for Richard Trumka

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