Monday, February 21, 2011

FY2011 Showdown: Who’s agenda will prevail, the Radical Left or the Teahadists?

The Left is demonstrably expert in name calling. Its lastest concoction is the clever ‘Teahadists,’ a term the DailyKos used to describe the Republican base. Here is how Jed Lewinson of the DailyKos opened his recent article, “With their spending bill D.O.A., can House Republicans avoid federal shutdown?”today:

“Over the weekend, House Republicans bowed to pressure from their teahadist base by passing a spending bill that would cut $61.5 billion from the federal budget through the final seven months of this fiscal year. But even before the bill passed, Republicans were acknowledging that it was dead on arrival…”

I for one hope Congressional Republicans show some courage and listen to their teahadist base and stand firm. Maybe government should shutdown at least until a more balanced budget is hammered out. 

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