Thursday, February 10, 2011

Become an Inside Poll Worker

An inside poll worker is someone who is appointed to work at the polls on Election Day to make sure that the election is being conducted fairly.  You should become an inside poll worker.  Why?  Well, the following story will illustrate the point.

There were several races in my county in 2010 which were very close.  In one such race, only 23 votes separated the two candidates.  The losing candidate claimed that there were some provisional ballots which were not counted, that should have been.  So the case ended up in federal court (where it does not belong).  The losing candidate claimed that there was some “poll worker error” which resulted in some voters voting in the wrong precinct.  She claimed that the federal court had the right to reverse decision not to count these ballots on the basis of the “equal protection” clause of the 14th Amendment. 

This is really bad for several reasons.  Whether or not the initial result of the election is eventually reversed is only a minor part of this story.  The real danger is that the Federal court could set a new precedent giving them more authority to get involved in local elections.  Imagine unelected, federal judges telling us how we are supposed to conduct our elections, and in some cases telling us who the winner is! 

It might be too late to stop this dangerous precedent from being handed down by these corrupt judges.  If you become an inside poll worker, you can possibly help to stop future cases from being litigated in similar manner. 

Although I believe that the responsibility of finding the proper polling place belongs to the voter, a poll worker may assist a voter.  Doing so will save a lot--both in saving money spend on lawsuits and by saving us from the tyranny of heavy-handed federal judges.  We want inside poll workers who are fair and unbiased and who will help voters (regardless of their party affiliation) to find their proper polling location if they show up at wrong precinct.  We especially need poll workers who are not registered Democrats to work the polls in heavily Democratic precincts so that there is a balance and the Democrats can’t get away with any funny business.

Being an inside poll worker would basically involve the following:

1.  Completing a poll worker training session
2.  Working the polls on Election Day for the entire 13 hours that the polls are open

Contact your local board of elections for more information.

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