Tuesday, November 22, 2011

An Array of Democrats Shamefully Support the Occupy Mobs

Hat tip goes to DefeatObamaCampaign for their excellent YouTube video, which I found today in my email. The video graphically reports, in the Democrats’ own words, their shameful support of the outrageous and anarchistic Occupy Wall Street Mobs. They dare to compare this rag tag group of college and union Saul Alinsky inspired radicals to the true patriots of middle class American Tea Party Movement.

Surely the video demonstrates that the Democratic Party USA has more in common with the Communist Party USA than most of America today. That is why it is so important that President Obama and members of Congress like my Senator, Sherrod Brown, must be fired this time next year.
Literally all hell will break loose if Obama and the likes of Brown are returned to office without a clear Conservative Congress majority and a Conservative (read that as being not Mitt Romney) President.

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