Saturday, November 05, 2011

Unremarkable Anniversary

He'll Occupy White House One More Year

Hat tip goes to OFA (Organizing for America, President Barack Obama’s on-going campaign organization) for the following terrible reminder:
“Three years ago today, Barack Obama was elected President of the United States.”

Therefore, I consider this day to be a very tragic date in American History. The Obama regime is an American catastrophe of immense proportions. This day is also a reminder that elections have significant and long-lasting consequences!

We must right the wrong of the 2008 Election in the Primary Election season of 2012. We must select a true conservative (i.e. not Mitt “Flip Flop,” “Finger in the Political Wind” Romney, or any other fake, establishment sanctioned John McCain ‘conservative’ candidate). We must a follow-through and elect that conservative President, as well as a conservative Congress in the 2012 election itself!
Until Barack Obama leaves office, he remains an Obstacle for America OFA! He must, himself, become a unemployment statistic as soon as possible. America will be better off only when Obama begins to collect his much undeserved and unearned government retirement check!

O must gO in 2O12!

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