Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hell, the Bottomless Pit, and the Lake of Fire

In the New Testament book of Luke, chapter 16 we read a famous story first told by Jesus to his disciples about a rich man. According to tradition this man’s name was Dives (Webster’s New World College Dictionary, p. 419).  This man lived very well every day, dressed well and ate well.  One day he died and he lifted up his eyes in hell, tormented by flames.  He even asked for a drop of water on his tongue to cool him in the flames, but was denied his request.

Jesus said. “Broad is the way that leads to destruction and many there is that find it, but narrow is the way that leads to life and few there be that find it.”  How about you, which path are you on?

In Revelation 9 we read of an angel who is given keys to the bottomless pit.  When he opens it, outcome locusts which torment men five months.  We learn that there is an angel of the bottomless pit who is also a king.  His name is ‘Destruction’ or ‘Destroyer’, king over the locusts.  Some believe that this is Satan himself, but I think not.  Satan has many kings under him, Daniel points this out, and he is the god of this world.  Satan is more than a king. 

Satan does not have unlimited power as is shown in the Old Testament Book of Job and eventually Satan comes up against the Lord Jesus Christ and is thrown into the bottomless pit for a millennia.  Some believe his evil angels are also put into the bottomless pit with him.  This may be the case.  I read nowhere that people are ever placed into the bottomless pit.  Some equate the bottomless pit and hell.  I do not believe this, but think they are separate places within the earth.

Some equate hell with the lake of fire and this is not the case.  Hell is thrown into the lake of fire which is also called the second death.  Presently no one is in the lake of fire but the first ones to go will be the antichrist and the false prophet.  They will be thrown alive into the lake of fire.  Satan will be the third person to be thrown into the lake of fire.  At The Great White Thrown Judgment whoevers name is not written in The Book of Life will be cast into the Lake of Fire.  All the angels that followed Satan against God will go to the Lake of Fire.  Death and Hell will be the last ones to be assigned to the Lake of Fire.

Death and Hell are angels that preside over those institutions.  The place of hell will be destroyed when the earth is destroyed.  This destruction will take place, some think, before The Great White Thrown Judgment.  Not only will the earth be destroyed but also the whole universe.  It came from nothing and will return to nothing.

What will be your state at this end of affairs?  If you do not want it to be a sad state, then repent of your sins and invite Jesus into your heart.  A sample payer is, “Lord Jesus Christ forgive of my evil and come into my heart.”          

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