Monday, November 14, 2011

Beware of the Chinese Food Invasion!

The Presidential couple, Barry Soetoro aka Barack and Michelle (head of the food gestapo) Obama, are on a Far East mission and/or vacation. He is discussing economic trade issues with leaders in that part of the world. Maybe he and his food-conscious wife should try exporting some of our burdensome environmental and agricultural regulations and taxation especially to the communist Chinese.


I normally don't use coupons very much when I go food shopping, but for some reason an ad in a Sunday newspaper caught my fancy. Finding a coupon for a Dole product, I was enticed to purchase it. I love apple crisp and Dole was a well-respected, dependable American brand, so one would think. However, I was shocked and dismayed when I saw the source of the apples used in the above pictured fruit crisp dessert.

It was sometime between the day I went shopping for the fruit crisp and the time I got around to eating the product, that I found that the apples were not American-sourced! Dole must really be an international conglomerate, which now imports its apples, not from the state of Washington, but from the communist Peoples Republic of China! I no longer had the same desire for the apple crisp as I did before I discovered were some of the ingredients came from! I thought about throwing out the product, suspecting that it may be laced with something undesirable. But, I took a chance and I did eventually eat the two small cups. I will not by this product again, however. I look warily on the Dole brand now.

Alas, my apple crisp is a world apple crisp. Imagine, just like we have world cars - cars assembled here in the USA made from parts imported from Mexico, Canada, South Korea and/or Japan, we now have world apple crisp. Apple crisp, which is merely assembled here in the USA from components from around the world, including unsanitary under-regulated lead-in-the-paint-toys and slave-labor-produced-Christmas-Tree-Lights and who knows what other shoddy inferior, unsafe junk we import from our new would-be masters?


Speaking about the real Red state, the newsletter, America's Future, Vol. 52, No. 11/12, November-December 2010), reported in an article, "Update on China's Unsanitary Aquaculture," a summary of a long and in-depth Bloomberg Businessweek piece:

80% of the tilapia (fish) eaten in the U.S. is grown on fish farms in China, and (it is) frozen before it is imported into our country.  According to the U.S. Agriculture Dept. Economic Research Services, Chinese fish “are often raised in ponds where they feed on waste from poultry and livestock.” When the tilapia are young, farmers toss animal waste in the ponds to feed the tilapia. Various experts in the industry say the Chinese cut their feed costs because they use manure for food. Chinese tilapia are therefore much cheaper. Costco won’t buy Chinese tilapia because of production practices. A Costco buyer says Chinese processors use a glaze on frozen fillet that “contains carbon monoxide, which preserves the color of the fish and can make a fillet look fresher than it is … Even if the fish starts to go bad, the fish will look good.” Unlike salmon, tuna and other big ocean fish, tilapia doesn’t contain omega-3 oils, one of the main health benefits of seafood.

I used to like tilapia. I bought it a few times at Denny’s Restaurant. I never realized that that there was such a huge chance that that fish came from the crap-feed fish farms of America’s Far East nemesis and major credit holder. I have been buying tilapia from Kroger’s. After reading the article I asked where the fish came from and the package says from farms in Honduras or Costa Rica. I now wonder if they came by way of  Red China? In either case from now on I won’t take a chance and I’ll stick with salmon and avoid all tilapia!


Americans must begin to read the labels on all food products we purchase. We must never assume that even brand name can be trusted any longer. They cannot be. Before you order tilapia in the restaurant, ask where it came from and if they don’t know, don’t buy it because there is a high probability it came from highly underregulated polluted Chinese ponds.  

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