Thursday, November 03, 2011

Vote Y3S! On Issue 3

OK, its time to get out and vote for issue 3!  If you vote "no" you are saying that you want to be a slave.  Many people have argued with me about this.  They say that it will cost more money to take care of the poor slobs who need healthcare, but don't have insurance.  But how much is it going to cost to jail the people who refuse to buy the insurance and refuse to pay the resulting fine?  And if this is not enforced, then there is no point in it.  If you don't buy health insurance, is that really a crime?  On scale from one to ten, one being petty theft and ten being cold-blooded, premeditated, mass murder, where does not buying health insurance fall?   And how much insurance is enough?  If you think that the government must make that decision for you, then you have made yourself a slave.

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