Sunday, March 17, 2013

In America, is a penny saved still a penny earned?

A penny saved is a penny earned - Benjamin Franklin quote

"A penny saved is a penny earned," the essence of the original proverb according to one source means, “Money that you save is more valuable than money that you spend right away. It is good to save money.” This truism or truth, like traditional man-woman marriage, which has stood the test of time, is under attack today in America.

However, according to a tweet I read this morning by @DavidJones740, that reliable truth may now be passé. President Barack Obama and his leftist cohorts are succeeding in transforming America. David Jones tweeted that the above idiom no longer fits here in America; it has morphed  into something different, it has been replaced, it has transformed into the following reality:

“A penny saved is no longer a penny earned. It is a government oversight.”

The government obviously accepts this new interpretation. It acts as if it is starved for more taxes, for more revenue so it can redistribute America’s wealth as it sees fit. The government and those in power need additional resources in order to continue to reward its supporters, crony capitalists, and the Low Information Voters so critical to maintaining its power.

All money, all rights belong to the state, the government. It is the sole diviner or distributor of rights, phones, food stamps, and other bennies. Many of its citizens also have deliberately or ignorantly also accepted it. They have sold their soul, not to the company store because it has been closed, but to their new idol or god, the government leviathan.

I was so impressed with the profound truth found in the tweet this morning that I posted it on my favorite on-line forum, Politics Forum this morning. It was removed from the forum within an hour! Why? Did it offend those protectors of the liberal agenda? Was some other reader offended by this truth? I believe that that statement was censored by some liberal or truth-denier.

What a shame, because that simple tweet expressed so well a powerful truth. The fact that truths like this and even certain news items that may shed a bad light on the Leftist Agenda are getting ignored, unreported, or censured is why the number of Low Information Voters is growing. The Low Information Voter is being nurtured by the powers on the Left including the main stream media and other destroyers of American values. That is exactly why I re-posted it here on AGoodChoice…! The truth needs to get out.

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