Friday, March 01, 2013

That Obnoxious Tea Party Ain't Dead Yet?

There was another provocative article on this morning. The title of this inaccurate and exaggerated attack piece is, “The Obnoxious Tea Party Leaders Have Vanished from the Political Stage -- Palin, Beck, DeMint, Paul, Bachmann... Poof! Every single prominent Tea Party leader has either lost their job or abandoned being a voice of the movement.” The word “Obnoxious” got my attention. I thought of Senator Chuck Schumer, Diane Feinstein, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. Now that is obnoxious!

You want obnoxious? Chuck Schumer is your man!

Is that wishful thinking, Alex?
The TEA Party movement represents most Americans’ positions on the issues. Unfortunately, the number of low information voters is growing and have been manipulated by a corrupt government-influenced education system and a biased media to fear these patriots.
The media viciously continues to marginalize, ridicule and smear the leaders that you mention in your article. A good example is Gov. Sarah Palin, who was targeted for destruction as soon as she stepped on the national stage. Fearing a strong conservative female, the left using all means at its disposable, attacked her mercilessly. She singlehandedly saved John McCain from a worse defeat than he otherwise would have had. She gave voice to a great many people. Her popularity rivaled that of Dear Leader. To a large extent the left has helped to damage her.
As for Jim DeMint, he is still a leader in the movement. He may not have as high a profile as he once did, but is working behind the scenes to clarify message and educate the public of what conservatism is, to counter the lies and distortions of the Left. He will continue to impact the movement.
Glenn Beck, like Jim DeMint, is or will be doing a lot of in-depth teaching.
The message that former Senator DeMint is not “trying to clarify that "the Left" is the problem." But the message is the conservative principles such as fiscal responsibility, limited government, strict interpretation of the constitution, etc… That is the message that needs to get to the American voters. That message is not getting through to Americans today, to a large extent because of the mainstream media today.
The past two GOP nominees for President were moderates at best with no conservative credentials. They neither believed, nor did they articulate the conservative message very well. That message is what will win the day... That is why the Republican establishment is as big an obstacle as the Democrat Party... to the conservative, Tea Party movements.

Unlike Barack Obama and John Boehner, Glenn Beck is a FORMER, a RECOVERED addict. Both of the aforementioned REMAIN heavily dependent on spending. They are spending addicts, proven by their action and inaction...
The Tea Party is evolving. It is not dead. It is not dying. It has not gone away! If America survives the next two to four years under Premier Obama, you will hear loudly from the Tea Party and likeminded candidates in 2014 and 2016.

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