Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Is Capitalism or Socialism Best for America?

I read an article by socialist Noam Chomsky: Can Civilization Survive Capitalism? Capitalism as it exists today is radically incompatible with democracy.” I completely disagree where this author is coming from, the far left. Below are a few comments I made to his article:

“Can Civilization Survive Capitalism?” A more pertinent question is, “Does America survive Obama’s socialist transformation?” Socialism has never worked anywhere; it’s insane to think it will work in America in the 21st century. Socialist fiascos lay on top of history’s ash heap: Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Greece, Spain, Cambodia, Uganda … Free enterprise and capitalism built America. It will also restore America, if America survives Obama the next four years and conservative principles and leadership eventually win the day.

I disagree with the author, “the most critical immediate problem that civilization faces: environmental catastrophe.” Besides, man-caused global warming is a proven hoax. The most critical immediate problem America faces is economic collapse due to unsustainable entitlements, annual trillion dollar deficits, ever mounting debt, uncontrollable, wasteful credit-driven spending. And the lack of will on the part of both political parties to do anything about it! If America loses its way, the world will follow suit.

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