Monday, March 04, 2013

When Government Spending is Out-of-Control

Someone wrote, "Actually, to avoid economic collapse and recession spending is needed." That may be true, but not government spending. Government gets its revenue from the taxpayer. It has no money of its own (unless it prints it!) It produces nothing. It takes money from the private sector. Government thwarts economic growth. Government stifles the private sector and thereby economic recovery with its regulations and taxes.

What is needed is allowing the private sector to grow, to create real jobs and with those jobs comes real recovery. The government needs to get out of the way of the free enterprise system. Lower taxes, less regulation, less government would produce more economic recovery! Government should be helping the private sector, instead of hurting and retarding it.

Everything the government does is generally wasteful and inefficient. Look at the BMV in most states... Look at the promises made about ObamaCare: lower premiums, reducing healthcare costs, reducing the Debt. Wrong, wrong and wrong. Just the exact opposite has occurred and will continue to occur if not stopped. Hopefully the GOP in the House will have the guts to stop its funding...

No, government is not the solution to most problems, economic or otherwise, government is too often itself the problem! Thank you Ronald Reagan for your wisdom …

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